Private Jet Operators Reviews

What are Private Jet Operators?

Private Jet Operators are companies who own and/or operate aircrafts and offer private charter services. So -unlike private jet brokers - the users are directly contacting the owners of a particular aircraft fleet.

Private Jet Operators generally offer planes on fractional ownership - a.k.a. shared ownership- which is a useful solution for users that fly very frequently. Fractional ownership is the name of the system in which users own a percentage of a determined aircraft and thus have the possibility of using that aircraft whenever necessary, only limited by other owners' usage.

The problem is that -unlike other services- trying out different companies until finding the right one is really expensive in the private jet charter business. So, as a solution to this, offers reviews for the most important Private Jet Operators. This is a feature we have not found in any other website.

Private Jet Operators Reviews

Average rating: 8.25/10
Average rating: 8/10
Average rating: 7.5/10
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