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Bluestar Jets

Charter Plane Company Description:

Bluestar Jet is the largest brokerage company for private jets in the US, offering a wide scope of operators dealing with luxury charter flights all over the world.

Why Choose Bluestar Jets?

This charter plane company boasts experience in all departments of brokering charter flights. BSJ are known to have an excellent customer service, making sure each individual is offered their ideal charter flight request at the best price possible. With as little as 4 hours notice, you could be jetting off in luxury to anywhere in the world, with no upfront costs, membership hassles or acquisition fees. BSJ delivers a high level of professionalism to all its clients plus reassuring safety on all aircrafts, and with its unique customer loyalty SkyCard program even the most extreme personal requirements can be satisfied high up in the sky.

Why NOT to choose Bluestar Jets?

This charter plane company is not suitable to any individual; it is more suited for those of CEO calibre. These private jet flights can be extremely expensive and are not ideal for those who cannot handle high costs. BSJ are renowned for their brilliant service, but have been criticised in the past for providing flights with charter operators that offer very old aircrafts. Furthermore, some customers have even complained that they have been downgraded to a less luxurious aircraft from the one they had originally requested.

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